Our Daughters, Our Sisters

Names released by Christian Association of Nigeria
Names released by the Christian Association of Nigeria

Mother’s Day is approaching. I am one of the lucky mothers. I may not see or speak to every one of my children and grandchildren on this coming Sunday, but as of today, I know that they are safe and well.

They have not been stolen. They have not been killed or maimed by accident or design. They are not involved with anyone, whether family or supposed friend, who intends to bring them harm.

I am fortunate.

And my thoughts are with those mothers, sisters, daughters who have lost women in their lives as prey to the many dangers that lie waiting all around us. I am especially thinking of the families of the girls, named and unnamed, whose recent abduction provides a graphic example of the dangers of ignorance, violence and in this case, misguided religious zeal.

Those of us blessed with personal power still know in our hearts that security is an illusion. We hope that we can protect our own and know that we are not omniscient and omnipresent. At any moment we may be stunned into the realization that safety is as fleeting as life itself.

We can’t remove ourselves from what happens in Nigeria, Afghanistan, or India, or on the streets of our own cities. These are only examples of what happens around the world. If we hope to protect our own we must care about the protection of all. Our hearts must open to share our power with all who need it. We can put time, energy, money, and thought into whatever our passion may be: education, politics, nutrition, healthcare, disease protection. We all have something to contribute.

It’s up to all of us to share in this current tragedy and all others that come to our attention. It is up to us to be compassionate and supportive. It’s up to us to do anything and everything in our power to share this grief and to let the world know that we care about all women, all humanity.

We can give this gift on Mother’s Day.






  1. Don’t let me get started off on the animals responsible. Their skewed value system buttressed by dogma is sickening. I hope that the Nigerian government’s resolve to rescue the girls results in success and elimination of these vermin from the world.


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