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I believe in action.

In my later years, though, my actions have become a little more thoughtful. It may be that I choose my battles more carefully, but I think it is because I now understand that the nuances of change are sometimes imperceptible. I recognize that some of my bold moves of the past may have done more harm than the good that I intended.

I had a bold plan for today. I planned a bit of a rant – a call to arms. And then I heard the still, small voice of Dr. William Ferris (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill),  who is teaching about the American South on coursera.org. His discussion of contested memory challenged me to question my own beliefs.

Did the South lose the war? Didn’t those bound in slavery win? Weren’t they a part of the South?

His discussion sent me down a rabbit hole of self-examination. What will I learn if I take the time to read the facts behind the headlines? What will I see if I open my mind and examine the statements that I accept as truths? What will I hear if I really listen? Who will I come to know if I remember to look behind the stereotypes that I try to avoid but inevitably create for myself each day?

These actions will prove to be more difficult than the bold moves I had planned.



  1. Just taking a look at the areas where I’m *not* willing to stop and really listen is a challenge. You’ve set the bar pretty high, gal. Thanks for this. Pretty timely with our ballots almost in our hands…


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