My Wish for You in the New Year

You always have my good wishes.

Above and beyond all of that, remember that New Year’s Day is just that: a new day in your life. On any day you can make new plans, change your course, turn back and try again.

Remember that every hour in your life is precious.* So live with intention but sometimes let go of the intensity. Relax and enjoy a part of each day.

Notice life. Each glorious moment lasts longer if you truly live it. Smell the air. Look at the sky and notice a bird in flight. Feel the texture of cloth as it touches your skin. Listen to the words of your favorite song and sing along. Look deeply into the eyes of your loved ones, acknowledging their importance in your life.

Be aware of  what uplifts you. Rejuvenate yourself with spiritual renewal and physical rest. Heal yourself by listening to your heart and body.

In every day of this new year;  love, laugh, be kind…live.


* According to where you live it might be more or less, but 594,629 hours is the world average of life expectancy.

December 26, 2014


  1. As I write this on the 2nd of January 2014, I am 25760 days old. That is 618240 hours. So, I am already on the right side of the parabola. I am blessed. So, I shall indeed treat every hour that I have more on this planet as a bonus. To you, I send this great wish that I was blessed to receive. May the most that you hope for be the least that you get.


    • Well, now I had to figure it out. If I am right on the first calculation, I am 26,273 days old amounting to 628362 hours, so each day is a true blessing. Thank you for the great wishes. What a wonderful blessing for the New Year and for all time. And on we go…


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