Expectations – Acceptance – Gratitude

“What are expectations but premeditated disappointments (resentments)?” (Attributed to many)

If you have ever written you will understand the state of my mind when I tried to post on my blog in the last weeks. I have not been devoid of ideas. It’s that I have an idea that I want to write about and I can’t tame the subject into bits and phrases that will create readable prose.

My mind whirls onto tangents without a hint of discipline. It stops dead at each division of concepts and refuses to go in either direction. My thoughts are spinning out at a speed that is impossible to translate.

So…I make myself begin…

My son and I began a discussion of expectations when he visited before Thanksgiving. We had a fascinating and ongoing conversation that became more meaningful as it became more personal.

My mind continued on its merry-go-round.

Of course, I had to call him when in my meditations I found the inextricably link between expectations and acceptance. “Without expectations,” I called to tell him, “acceptance would not be necessary.

It’s true, I believe. Openness without expectation brings us totally into the present which is already a state of acceptance.

And now I have been gob-smacked with another realization – That expectations can be a huge impediment to gratitude.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it?




  1. Interesting thought. However, I look at it a much different way. Without expectations, there are no highs, even if there are no lows. If there’s nothing but sameness all the time, why live? After all, what real joy can there be in it? Now, tell me that’s not deep. 🙂


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