The Year of the Horse galloped away…

According to the Oriental horoscope, 2014 is a year of green wooden Horse; this year is characterized by the Yang energy – a powerfully dynamic energy impulse.

Those of you who don’t procrastinate will have a hard time believing that last year on January 31st (Chinese New Year, 2014) I made a notation on my calendar to write about the Year of the Horse since that is my birth sign. I have moved that notation forward over and over and have now arrived at the end of it’s relevancy.


If you can imagine being a Gemini, and Enneagram 7, and born in the Year of the Horse – you can understand that I live my life busily and (at best) productively. At my worst I am easily distracted and run from pillar to post trying to include everything into every day.  In this past year my worst may have been intensified by the Astrological Charts although it seems preordained since I am also under the influence of the Water sign.*

But why I didn’t think to read the horoscope in advance?

Year of the Horse 2014
According to the Chinese calendar, when it comes to fortune, 2014 would be a better year for those people who were born under The Year of the Horse

After reading more, I am relieved to know that my failure to pay attention may not be dementia but instead may be been caused by the ways the stars were aligned. The Horse came sweeping through, picked me up, and led me astray. In other ways (my Enneagram training) I know that my life is sweeter and richer if I look to my higher self rather than collapsing into the depths of predictions for my behavior.

True to my personality, I intended to read those predictions last year but knew I would do that when I wrote about them. Now, of course, I can write with experience about how I fell into some traps and how I avoided some.

As shown on the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2014 is the year where Horses (…) are more likely be involved in accidents. To add up luck, you can wear wooden pendants or beads along with your stylish get ups.

The predicted accidents occurred. I blamed my distractedness when I should have been blaming the Horse. Coincidentally, though, I wear prayer/mindfulness beads around my wrist most days. Perhaps all of us who were involved (and the cars) were protected from serious damage due to those wooden beads. And luckily I hit the same rear fender both times…less expensive to fix!

The horoscope promises that you will not be bored, because every day will be stuffed with events and surprises. If you perceive any deviation from the original plan as a personal tragedy, you will have a difficult time in the Year of the Horse.

Even considering my love of activity, my last year’s calendar was more full than I easily tolerated.**  Flying, driving, attending, having company, being company…it was most times enjoyable and sometimes chaotic. I felt adrift in a sea of movement that was filled with joy and love but a lot to assimilate.

2014, the year of green Horse is energetically powerful and will bring numerous opportunities for our spirituality to fully evolve.

Well, I believe that every day is an opportunity for evolution of the spirit. But I did have  a momentous opportunity in November to attend a gathering at Teotihuacan near Mexico City. It was a retreat filled with Toltec Wisdom and personal awareness and growth.  And my annual retreat to my village in Mexico allowed me time for study and personal insight.

All of this is hindsight, of course. My husband would tell me that one can find anything in a horoscope. I’ll leave those of you who know me to decide whether it all fits.

In the meantime…Happy New Year of the Sheep!


*Water Horse Element
Under the fluid influence of the Water sign, the Water Horse is the most adaptable of the Horse types. Unlike some other members of their sign, the Water Horse can sometimes live life on a whim, quickly changing their mood or aspirations. While these qualities may cause some difficulties, it is their innate flexibility that contributes to Water Horse’s highly social nature. With a firm interest in meaningful relationships, the Water Horse is known to make many friends. This is especially easy for the Water Horse, thanks to their quick-whit and gifts for communication.

**Enneagram 7: Like the hummingbird that moves in a frenzied blur from flower to flower, you seek the sweet nectar of excitement, new experiences, people and travel. If life gets you down, you escape your anxiety and boredom through variety and activity. Uneasiness is kept at bay by keeping busy with interesting and diverse experiences.  Your vices are gluttony, overdoing and seeking stimulation until you collapse or become ill…If you have clamped down on your excessive ways, you may judge those who are mirrors of your indulgent past.



To counteract such bad luck, Horses are suggested to donate blood.

Horses lucky numbers are 7,3,2.

According to the Oriental horoscope, 2014 is a year of green wooden Horse; this year is characterized by the Yang energy – a powerfully dynamic energy impulse.



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