Freedom to Fly Away…

-3Dear Children.

I’m always conflicted when you leave. I’m happy for what you are experiencing and I am a little anxious that you are off my radar. In this case, I won’t be able to call you on the phone and because I haven’t visited India, I won’t truly hear the sounds, smell the smells, and picture you where you are.

Still, I am happy for you if this is what you want to do.

Knowing that you are free to follow your own path is important to me. I value that in my own life and I want it for you.

At the same time, I recognize in both of you the compulsion to “do the right thing”. If you have started something, you must finish it. If there is good to be accomplished, it is your duty to perform. Beneath your urge for travel and adventure is a idealism that calls you to do something worthwhile as you go. I admire that in you.

And still it has troubled me this time around. Are you going because you feel you must? Or are you going with joy and a sense of well-being?*

It is easy to take on responsibility and feel that we “have to” do something. It’s even easier to think that we “can’t” lay that responsibility aside and do what is right for ourselves. We all get caught in this whirlwind at times, swept along by plans and expectations of ourselves and others.

Don’t go for those reasons, dear children. Go because this is your mission. Go because you know with clarity that you need to go in order to feel good about yourself and your life. Go because not going would leave you with regret and yearning.

I know that this is all in your capable hands. I trust your instincts and decisions. I believe in your cause and understand your dedication.

As always, whatever you do and wherever you travel, you go with my love and blessings surrounding you.







  1. And, dear Mother, your children have a home to come to and a caring person to meet with in Pune in Western India if they are anywhere near. Please do convey this to them.


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