My Church

Just before daybreak this morning, I went down the rabbit hole and discovered the perfect post for Easter Sunday. This lovely poem was written by Frédéric G. Martin and can be found on his  blog Poems & Poemes.Thank you, Frédéric, for permission to reblog your work.


My church has no wall
My church has no roof
Birds are flying through
Stars are shining above
My church has no door
My church has no window
Shy owls are welcome there
Secret lakes are stained glass
And bluebells go to the mass
It is a shelter in my heart
Hugeness in my soul
My church is nowhere
And everywhere at the same
As fragile as a snowflake
As strong as love
For it is the breath of life
For it is just made of faith


  1. I’m glad you liked this poem and decided to share it! Posting it for Easter Sunday is a wonderful attention. Thank you very much 🙂 Happy Easter to you. Kind regards from France. Frédéric


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