5 Things I Want the Pink Ribbon to Stand For

I always love the words of my blogging friend. This is a special message.

A Leaf in Springtime

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Breast cancer awareness is a cause I care about deeply.

But after all these years, I still don’t get the pink ribbon.

I don’t get how wearing a pink ribbon helps anyone personally. I don’t get how going pink for a month makes an actual impact on the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer. Purchasing a pink dustpan and matching duster for the advancement of breast cancer research and cure just somehow feels…frivolous. To me at least.

As a breast cancer survivor I want to rewrite the message of the pink ribbon. Because if it’s awareness we’re really after, then let us be aware of what truly matters. Let’s be aware of what will make significant changes in the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer and those who are at risk of getting it.

So, if you choose to wear a pink ribbon, let it stand for this.

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