We are with you here…

“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.” Hafiz

Dear Nephew,

We are bringing you home today to be with your family in familiar surroundings.

I grieve for our loss of you but I do not grieve for you.  I rejoice for all that you are and all you have lived and all you will have left for us.

In these last weeks I have prayed for you to open your arms to each moment as it arrived. This part of your journey is completing the circle.

For all the pain and sorrow in your life you have lived fully, loving your wife and caring for your family with steadfast pleasure in the joy of the moments you had. You have carried their problems when possible and given your all for them.

You’ve raised your sons to become fine men who will carry your best traits forward – your inquiring mind, your problem solving, your steadiness, your gentle caring… And you have been the guiding star and touchstone for your daughter.  You have been the constant in your granddaughter’s life and reveled in the birth of your grandson. Your grandchildren have been your blessings and they will be your legacy.

This last illness hasn’t defined you other than to show us, once again, your courage under fire. You wanted treatment – to fight for more months and years with the people who matter to you. And while waiting for treatment you have lived.

You’ve shared precious time with your son when he visited  You’ve heard the love of your younger son. The stories of your children and their children have buoyed your spirit and your determination.  Your joy has been in the touch of your wife’s hand as she cares for you and the comfort of resting in her arms. You have shared this time as fully as you have shared so many years.

And you are where you wanted to be. You are home.

There has been a poignancy of bearing the pain and in knowing the healing of sharing feelings and memories with your mother. You have looked into her eyes with the assurance of your love for one another, wanting her to be okay.

You’ve been here to share thoughts with your sister and laughter with your brother. Having time with them and their families has been a great blessing, no matter what brought you together.  The crazy moments of sibling silliness and family outings have cut through the grief of these last days. Love and laughter have lightened and still heighten the intensity.

These everyday moments of your life have provided what you needed – faith, peace, joy, and even your tenacity. These same moments, these people, the remembrance of your faith, will soothe us as we say our goodbyes and live our lives without you.

Who you are, how you have lived, what you have believed and how you have shared that with us- we hold all of these things as we wait for you here.




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