…on Being Your Mother

Dear Child of Mine,

Life changed in the moment you were born.  My thoughts and feelings swirled around the room.  Like a life force they poured from my heart and head, swooshing about and resting on you as I held you in my arms.   Instantly you were wrapped in a warm blanket of love and care that is still with you.

I can’t describe it for you.  There are no words.

It is taking leave of what seemed important in order to realize my life purpose.

It is a watchfulness that opens my eyes to you, allowing me to see beauty in every small movement of your face, or your hand, or your soft hair.

It is a sense that allows me to feel every nuance of joy, hope, sadness and despair that emanates from you.

It is an ear for your cry, your laugh, your whispered words and your angry shouts.

It is open arms to hold you.

It is there forever.



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