Loving…no matter what…

I sometimes bring this letter forward from my archives because there seem to be a lot of people searching for letters to write to their own children.

Dear Children,

I am think of unconditional love today.  Of what it really means.

I love you.  Without qualifying conditions.

You needn’t earn my love.  It is a gift given freely from the first moment I held you that I offer you until the day I die.

There is nothing that you have ever done or could ever do that will make the slightest difference in the love I have for you.

And at this time in our lives…

I feel no compulsion to approve or disapprove of anything you do or say.  I accept you as who you are and have perfect faith that you are who you need to be right this moment.

I do not sit in judgment or have criticism for the decisions you make for your own lives.  Even if those decisions would not work for me, I know you are capable of making good choices for yourselves.

I never have, nor will I ever, purposefully hurt your feelings or try to make you feel inadequate or unloved.  For all of the unintended wounds, I apologize.

I understand that you are all different; have diverse beliefs and life paths, and ways of dealing with the world.  One’s belief may be more in keeping with my own.  Another may be beyond my understanding.  None of that has to do with my feelings for you.

I may disagree with any or all of you at any one time.  I may comprehend some choices more easily than others.  I may even be more comfortable in a situation with one of you at one time, and another time with the other.  None of these things affect the intense love I feel for each of you, every moment of every day.

That love is unshakeable, unbreakable and enduring.  It encompasses every interaction we have, every argument we propose and every strained situation we can conjure up between us as easily as it surrounds us in times of great rapport.  It is a foundation on which I have lived from the moment you were born and it still shelters us.

Carry it with you.  Hold it close to you forever as I hold you in my heart.

You are loved.


Originally post December 3, 2011.


  1. In my journal the other day I wrote, “You were the first people I ever felt unconditional love from….therefore I knew I was home”.


  2. I don’t believe there has ever been a better verbalization of a mother’s unconditional love for her children than what you have written here.

    Your kids are lucky to have such a gifted woman as you to let them know in such a wonderful way how she feels about them.


  3. From the name of the blog to the theme of it and its contents, it is obvious that there is unconditional love in you. From your comments on my posts too, I get that feeling come through. You are unique.


    • Thank you. This is a high complement. I constantly seek to give it and, of course, we all want to receive it.


  4. If there is only one message a mother should convey to her child, it must be this. And how beautifully and how meaningful every single line that you wrote. Your children are blessed. Thank you for this precious letter. It is as important to a mother as to a child. Hugs, Sharon


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