The Lucky One

There can be a philosophical difference in how we view our lives and our fortunes. Some see themselves as self-made. I firmly believe that I owe a debt of gratitude for my fortunate birth. And how I acknowledge that debt matters to me.

Of course, in order to be where I am today, I have made some good decisions. But, I have made some really bad ones and skated through. So, do I deserve my good fortune? Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

If I were to insist that I am where I am and who I am by my own wits and some gained wisdom, then I would have to accept responsibility for all of the bad things that have come my way, too. I can’t get there in either case. But science has looked at the issue of privilege and entitlement, so I must acknowledge that I am at risk. Read here. Or perhaps (even though I am not rich) I don’t even realize when I am exercising my privilege at another person’s expense.

So today before that year-end financial accounting necessary for taxes, I am doing  a personal moral accounting and reminding myself that I have enough.

No matter how tempting the opportunity – I don’t need more. In fact, I can give some away freely without seriously endangering my future. I can look around and make certain that those I love have what they need. It’s the day to remember the causes that have touched my heart and inspired me throughout the year. It’s time honor those year-end matching gift offers to further the works that fit within my personal mission.

I think I’ll put this reminder on my calendar for all years to come: You are the lucky one…how have you shown your gratitude this year?




  1. A good point that if you believe you are where you are entirely through your own efforts, then the same goes for all the bad things that have happened to you. Which isn’t so flattering. I believe that so much of our lives is down to simple luck – being born in the right place to the right parents, going to the right schools, going into the right career, meeting the right partner. We might kid ourselves we’ve engineered it all ourselves, but it’s nonsense.


  2. Like you, I have had the benefit of being born into relative affluence which enabled me to get a very valuable education which in turn enabled me to get a lucrative career on which I was able to build a comfortable life and also retire comfortably. I believe that all of it is due to Grace. I am grateful. Expressing my gratitude is part of my daily morning routine.

    The theory of karma is a remarkable take on this subject and I am sure that you are well versed into it without my having to pontificate!


    • I don’t think a lot about karma other than as a background…having been raised in the biblical “you reap what you sow”. I joke about “instant karma” because when I say something judgmental it usually comes back to haunt me immediately. It is comforting to think that we are building for your future lives by living this one well – and I don’t disbelieve it. Good concept to live by as long as we don’t blame others for the misfortunes that befall them.
      Obviously, I should study the theory
      karma, right?


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