The Time Has Come

I have never really seen the joke in this year’s political circus but I am serious now. My daughter has challenged me to speak up and I must begin.

Trump'[s beliefs appall me so greatly that I have been speechless.

But here I am…speaking up! I believe we are all one and that what happens to others affects me. I believe in helping refugees. I believe that our neighbors to the south have been a great benefit to our country – not a detriment. I believe in free speech. I believe in freedom of religion. I do NOT believe that being Muslim is synonymous with being a terrorist. I try to examine the ways in which I am racist and sexist and prejudiced and reactive instead of proactive so that I and rethink my positions. I believe in equality. And although I seldom believe in politics, I believe in the U.S.

I’m sure I will think of a greater list of my beliefs in the morning. But for now…

This year I have taken a strong political stance. I am against Donald Trump for president.



  1. I presume that you do not have anything positive to talk about in the Democratic alternatives. Not being an American citizen, I am not qualified to comment but there are some statements that you make that resonate with me. We too, in our political system, have highly polarising politicos as well as totally incompetent ones. We now have a NOTA (None Of The Above) option in our ballot papers! I would use that option if others in the paper also cannot offer anything positive.


    • Well, I am definitely a liberal and in this election will vote for anyone to avoid the fiasco that is Donald Trump. However, I just didn’t mean to get into a partisan battle. Just taking a stand. (To me, the None of the Above option sounds great if it doesn’t constitute throwing away a vote.)

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