Your opinion is your opinion, your perception is your perception–do not confuse them with “facts” or “truth”. Wars have been fought and millions have been killed because of the inability of men to understand the idea that EVERYBODY has a different viewpoint.John Moore 

I’m wondering when my opinions become the strongest. Or more to the point – when am I the most vociferous about them?

Many of my opinions are strong. Although I no longer see most things in black and white, I still veer toward the more intense colors of any subject. What, however, looses my tongue and makes me argumentative about them?


Alcohol, of course.

Anger, when aroused can create some heated arguments.

Fear, which is the basis of anger anyway.

Many times I  hear my ideas flying about like razors even as my friends gently lean away from me. And so I spend my go-to-sleep drowse and my wake-up-thoughts coming to understand my behavior. I must be compassionate with myself and not spiral into self-denigration.


The next few days are the culmination of trying times. Coming on the heels  of Covid-19, area disasters, health issues, accidents, and injuries – the political upheaval harbors an intensity in which it is hard for me to keep my equilibrium. I know that “it is what it is”. Just let me get through the next few days so that I know what it is. I have probably burned some bridges (I hope not) but I have tried to speak my truth without giving offense to others.

I hope that I can live in this country with some modicum of Hope come Wednesday morning.

The Student

First published at My Life Class on March 25, 2016. Modified.


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