Happy (Beginnings) Easter

IMG_0129Greetings change according to what friends I am addressing: Happy Easter, Feliz Pascua, Buona Pasqua.  And my favorite…Kalo Pascha in Greece changes to Christos Anesti, the joyful acknowledgment on Easter Sunday morning that Christ is risen.

I have celebrated Easter in many ways and in foreign places – both in my tradition and in the Orthodox tradition. For me, the heart and soul of this season is my belief in new beginnings. It exemplifies spring and renewal.

Does this mean new shoes? Eggs that have been bedecked in sparkling glitter or pastel colors? Crocus and Daffodil bulbs springing forth? Is it a renewal of faith or faith in resurrection?

Perhaps all of the above. For certain is it time again to come from my winter abode and celebrate with color and light and food and music and celebration of family and community.

In my heart and mind it is the assurance that spring light always follows the darkness of winter. It is the gathering of love in spite of dissent. It is the understanding that there is joy to balance sorrow.

It is the anticipation of a new breath, a new moment, a new hour, a new day.

Christos Anesti






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