Day of the Young

img_0650‘The mention of my child’s name may bring tears to my eyes, but it never fails to bring music to my ears.” Bereaved Parent

It’s harder this year. Placing my nephew’s photo on the altar is an inescapable reminder that he is gone. And it brings all of the young faces into clear focus.

Dia de los Muertos is here again. It is a celebration and still it represents the pain of death and separation.  My husband and I have lost friends in the last few years. Our friends have lost siblings. We miss them all and acknowledge the reality of our own mortality with each passing. That is life.

But mourning our younger generation carries the extra burden of lives cut short. Parents bereft.  We don’t contemplated these losses because they are unthinkable. The grief carries shock and disbelief. Because our children are always children to us – no matter how long we have enjoyed them on this earth.

Our hearts will be linked in longing again this year as we prepare this feast. We will tempt them into the warmth of home and friends with memories and connections and their favorite foods.  Last year, Stevie got his butter beans. This year, there’ll be brownies for John and Rich, and pot roast for Janene. The scent and color of rich yams will be waiting for Laurin.img_0654

We won’t forget Brad and Allison and Connor. Along with Ryan, and Melissa, they will hear the stories of their lives told with laughter and tears.

Our altar is ready in honor of those we love so dearly. We especially celebrate the children and bless their parents in whose hearts they live on.


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