Infinity of Mirrors

“…though evil must be opposed, when it is fought with evil’s ways it must ultimately corrupt and strangle the opposer.” Richard Condon (dust cover of An Infinity of Mirrors)

Richard Condon’s horrific story of Hitler’s reign left an indelible mark on me in my twenties. Not just because of the history of the holocaust, I had read volumes about it. For me, his book raised thoughtful questions about whether the end justifies the means. And when…

I am reminded of that book in this election. How many of the protestations on either side are mirroring the behavior they purport to abhor?

When I examine myself and behaviors I recognize that I have closed my mind. And I contribute to the polarization of this country when I am rigid in my opinions.

Name calling is an adolescent behavior. Yet I label candidates and their supporters in my mind if not my conversation.

Although I try to hold myself open to possibilities of change and transformation, I am vested in the result being peace and harmony. Yes, I am frightened and dismayed by the animosity and bigotry roiling from the deeply held beliefs and anxieties of huge segments of our country’s population. But I want it my way. I want a miracle.

So I ask myself the question: Am I being true to who I choose to be? Since I feel I am “right”, am I  leaving space for those in the opposite camp who also believe they are right? Or am I willing to compromise who I am to influence outcome? Are my tactics above reproach? Or have I somehow become the monster?

I need to cultivate the necessary compassion to understand those who disagree with me and are either triumphant or are angry and vindictive when Election Day 2016 is history. I want to be ready to speak for and defend those on the firing line and yet  stop steeling myself – to relax and be open to outcome.

The issues that Richard Condon’s book raised 50 years ago are current for me.






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