A Sad Day

So we just keep doing the work… We keep fighting for the voices of those who would be silenced. We stand for marginalized communities. We speak out against oppression and violence and bullying. We make room for peace and kindness; for all faiths and sexualities and colors and genders. We remember to nurture each other with fierce love.
We just keep doing the work.  Robin Patterson

Weeping Statue of LibertyAlthough I vowed months ago to be open to outcome and to hope that friction could bring transformation, today I am extremely sad for my country.

In a historic election the “haves: and the “have-nots” have banded together to elect a president that I cannot admire.

Donald Trump as president isn’t as disturbing to me as the amount of people in my country who either embrace or are willing to overlook the hatred and animosity that his campaign engendered.

I kind of get the people who are one-issue voters. Those who would vote for the devil himself if he ran on the platform of pro-choice. There is no compromise. And that’s what principles are for, I guess, standing for what one believes. I am more concerned about those already living on this planet than those to be born, but that is my personal choice and I give them theirs.

And there are of voters who just want change.

Our government has failed to protect and defend and seems to frame its decisions on the needs of those who can provide the most political backing. A candidate with no political experience feels like a chance for this. Unfortunately, this group may also contain the dyed-in-the-wool bigots. They would infringe on the rights of all in their belief of their God-given superiority and feel that this president agrees.

I have compassion for the voters who are living on the brink of disaster and who are willing to grasp at anything solid to keep afloat. They can easily be led to believe that their solution lies in getting theirs back from someone…anyone who can be blamed for their situation. Rhetoric rings true in desperation.

So, I am heartsick about prejudice and bias. My concern is for all races, religions, sexualities, and minorities who are blamed for being “other”.  Ignorance and fear fuels hatred.  Judging by the past months of campaigning, those who love and worship and live differently are at risk. For instance, the men and women who do some of the most difficult work in this country for the least pay are under attack.

Added to my sadness, I am a bit fearful of the party line whose modern history is totally against sharing the largesse of its members. I sense this inherent belief that they have earned or deserve  what they have and that they have no responsibility for the welfare of others confounds me. When no matter whose name is on the ballot they will vote for the party that works consistently to protect their wealth.

So I dread the crippling and elimination of worthwhile programs in an attempt to preserve the position and lifestyle of the few. I weep for the refugees and the working poor and those whose lives, livelihood, and education may be at stake. And I worry about our environment.

I am deeply saddened, also, that there are those who are so afraid of having a woman as president (whether consciously or unconsciously) that they can forgive the misogyny and lack of knowledge in a male candidate rather than cast their vote for a woman. The faults of the woman are under the spotlight. The faults of the man are glossed over and excused. As a woman, I recognize and mourn this shortsightedness now and in the history our country.

Yes, our choices were not what we wanted. Yes, I am biased. Yes, I am partisan. Yes, human rights are a huge issue with me. Yes, I have socialistic views which come easily to me because I am woman of privilege.

And, yes, although I am open and ready to move forward, I am truly sad today.



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