Chasing the Super Moon

img_0666How did I become obsessed with this phenomenon? Perhaps it is my Seven (Enneagram) personality that makes me a self-confessed experience junky. Whatever – how can I miss the full moon perigee closest to the earth since I was six years old. And it won’t be this close again in my lifetime.

I’m up for the chase!

I read on this website that the moon would actually be nearest at 5:52 on November 14. So I began to strategize. Surely, we should take our first shot at seeing the moonrise on the evening before, right?

My moon guide.
My moon guide.

But, after days of beautiful sunshine it began clouding over at about 4 p.m. Still, I had to try. I dragged my husband down the street a few times in anticipation and we finally saw a bright spot through the clouds and a slit of clear sky above it. And we saw it.

I must admit it was a bit anticlimactic. When the moon rises over the surrounding hills of our valley it is dramatic. It is huge. It is mystical. However, wait 5 minutes and it seems much smaller. Waiting for the moon to reach the opening in the clouds reduced its size to normal.

But it was still the Super Moon. And I knew that it might be the only view I would get.

Of course, I set my alarm. Even though I always wake early, I couldn’t take the chance. Luckily for my husband my eyes popped open 5 minutes before the alarm disturbed his slumber and I hit the street in my pajamas and down coat.

I made several trips along the road that took me to a great view. Plus taking many peeks out my back window to check possibilities.  But the moon was only a slightly brighter spot behind the heavy clouds. It did not make its way through. img_0668

Seeing a beautiful sunrise counts for something.  And, of course, there is another moonrise tonight at 5:32. Rain is predicted but anything is possible.

I’ll be there!



  1. I saw it in all its glory early this morning at 0545 from our verandah. It was a bit of a let down. It did not look particularly different from the other times that I have seen the moon like that.

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    • Yes, I assumed that to the naked eye it would seem like a big full moon. Oh well, Ramana…each in our own way we witnessed a historical event in nature. We lived through the one in 1948 without know it and will not see the next. So in that way, it was a great success.


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