Another Giving Year

No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank

My Dear Children,

Your excellence as parents is evident in many ways. In this season I am thankful that you have raised kind and responsible people. I brag about them a lot and have written before about my grandchildren’s philanthropic interests (here).

Just a little more bragging…

You know that it is their choice whether to give each year and to whom they will give. (Grampy and I just finance their decisions.) I help research the charities and categories they choose, hoping they will give to reputable organizations, but ultimately it is up to each one of them. This year I am especially impressed with their choices.

My grandchildren are so current. They are watchful and have specific interests and passions that guide their giving. Several are giving to International Rescue Committee because they are concerned about refuges throughout the world. And it is fascinating how they target their major interests within this organization: Education, Aleppo, Women’s Dignity, Shelter…even beekeeping.

And they learn from their own lives. One granddaughter who is student teaching in a classroom with great ethnic and economic diversity has decided to give to a foster children’s program, The Treehouse in her city. This past year a granddaughter volunteered with a group, Hosea, that shelters and supports homeless teens and she decided that her contribution would help them. One grandson is giving to Planned Parenthood. He cares about women’s rights so much because he sees the activism of his Moms.

My grandson whose city was devastated with ice and storm lived with a week-long power outage in his upscale home (they had gas, but not lights or adequate heat). He translated his experience to those who might struggle to light and heat their homes due to financial difficulties. Thoughtfully, he chose the Oregon Energy Fund for his contribution.

What more can I say? I know that you appreciate these children of yours. Take credit and be happy for their generosity of spirit and and their enthusiasm for making a difference in the world around them. After all, they learned these things from you.

Thank you, dear children, for the incredible gift of your children.


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