The Glory of Marching Toward…

In our little valley – Photo credit: Jamie Lusch/The Medford Mail Tribune

As a woman:

I own my knowledge and my particular ways of knowing.

I own my power and the strength it gives me individually and as a part of the whole.

I own my rights and know that when I claim them I am in a position to give voice to others.

I own my capacity to stand up for myself and in doing so learn to stand for all..

I own my membership in the global society of women.

There were a lot of things I missed as a young woman. Some of the time I was busy with babies (four in less than five years) and some I was too arrogant to believe were important to me. I certainly didn’t value feminism or women in groups.

Raised in a family of girls I didn’t have to compare to brothers. And then when I married I lived pretty independently within the confines of motherhood and family. It took me many years to realize the many insidious ways in which women as individuals and as a group are put down and held down.march-women

Along the way I came to value women in my life. Rather than feeling resentful of my birth sisters, I turned to them for love and advice. I gathered friends who shared their life experiences which were much broader than mine. Many of my friends were activists in early days of feminism. All of their lives they have stood fast in their belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

I didn’t learn about my own strength through demonstrations or movements. But I certainly gained access to it because of them. And I have gratitude for all of the men and women who have been on the front lines for generations. And again for the women who marched on Saturday.

How can we help but feel empowered. Our strength has shown itself. Our numbers are visible. We are power.

And I am excited. Saturdays march is a momentous and historic occasion.

Photo credit: Megan and Katies

All over the world I watched the young people engulfed in the power and wisdom of older women. I saw them lending their youth and vigor to the women of experience. And I saw all ages being held and helped to stand for what they believe in. It is a coming together in a generational union that will again change all of our lives.

The inspiration of the Women’s March has created an energetic charge that will not be dimmed. We know that we hold humanity in our hands. I have great faith in all of us to follow through in our thoughts and our actions. There will be change!


There many organizations active in what we believe in. Whatever your cause, get involved. In human rights, in changing our political system, in fighting for education, in supporting health care, in feeding the hungry…


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