To Mothers

To all the Mothers who have loved and lost…

I am always thinking of  you on Mother’s Day and hoping that you can live in beautiful memories as much as in the depths of sorrow.

Because you are still a mother. You are the love that is steady. Your child cannot be estranged and lose your love. Your son cannot die and be removed from your heart. Your daughter still lives in your thoughts and in the stories you know and share.

You raised a child and created a legacy. Your caring and struggle did not fall into a void. Your dedication and tenacity in the day-to-day tending of your charge are not unrewarded.  Your joy and happiness that welled up in random moments have not disappeared. They are and were reflected in you and in the world.

From my beloved nieces to my grown nephew.  My friend’s son and my other friend’s daughter. From Joanie (a friend who died when I was a child) to Trayvon Martin. They made the world different in the time they had here. From the children who blame you to the ones still won’t speak to you. The love and wisdom that you poured into guiding them still radiates through all of us.

Ah, this is awkward. This is clumsy. And this is heartfelt – I acknowledge your pain. I recognize your loss. And I value you on this day. I celebrate you as the mother you continue to be.




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