Life’s Commencement

Graduation CelebrationWith or without pomp and circumstance I have been a part commencements for over 50 years.  Memories of my older sister in her cap and gown are fresh in my mind.  The years of black-and-white photography forever captured her in the somber colors of yesteryear.  There were no school colors for robes in those times.   Only brilliant silks for special honors.

The years have flown.   More than half of my grandchildren have now finished high school.

The memory of having my picture taken with my parents in the back of the gym is now superimposed with memories of my children and grandchildren in the same poses: parents standing proudly (or stiffly) with arms around a radiant graduate who will immediately lift off into the vast world that awaits them.

Throughout the years, the excitement of high school graduation is the one constant.  The sense of anticipation isn’t encumbered with reality.  There is rarely a premonition of failure.  Life is waiting.

As I watch the hats fly into the air I am filled with hope for these young adults.  Hope that their futures hold wonder and joy.  That they continue to learn and grow.   That their excitement stays with them as their new lives commence.



June 10, 2012


  1. In a way, this reminds me of how my father used to address envelopes to me after I acquired my Masters degree. Being from the old school with very few graduates at that time in the family, he would add my degrees to my name at the end like this: Mr. R Rajgopaul, BA, MBA.

    My mischievous nephew decided to rename me as Bamba! He still calls me that to rile me.


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