Live Your Life

Hayden Kennedy with his girlfriend, Inge Perkin Credit: Inge Perkin/Instagram

Montana Hiker Dies of Suicide Shortly After His Girlfriend Perishes in Avalanche

My love,

I’m in a quandary as a grandmother. Above all, I want you to live.  I want you to live fully and joyfully. From the perspective of age, I want to remind you how important your life is – no matter how you live it.

I wish I knew the perfect words. What I want you to know is simple – I just don’t know how to say it. The death of your friends brings up so much grief for me, as I know it does for you. The avalanche was a tragic accident. The suicide was tragic in itself.

Here’s where the grandmotherly angst comes in.

You are an adventuress at heart. You and your husband share the same drive – to test yourselves against difficulty, against danger, against life in general. You LOVE the outdoors and all of its challenges. Your lifestyle brings admiration, awe, and fear. And I love that you live your life with gusto. I also I fear for you. (BUT I don’t want my fear to hold you back!)

I want to ask you to please remember that danger does not provide that gusto, facing challenges does.

I ask you to think carefully and recognize when you have crossed enough boundaries and have met danger and won. When you have a soared with the eagles and have spotted a place for yourself back on the ground, be ready to stay there. You’ll know if and when. You only have yourself to please – you will not be failing or letting anyone down.  If you are responsible for yourself and to yourself, you will always be sure of your own the way.

I love the woman you are. Enjoy your life and please take care of yourself for me.



  1. I am not a grand parent but that does not prevent from worrying about my grand nephews and nieces besides their parents. The world is increasingly becoming a dangerous place to live in not only in the wilds but even in cities and one cannot be over careful.


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