A Visit with Gratitude

It’s an emotional time but I am through crying. I am still sad about your leave-taking and at the same time I am overcome with gratitude.

I am grateful that you are healthy enough to travel. I am grateful that you are able to take the time and resources to visit us.

I am grateful that you want to see us. I am grateful that you are people that we enjoy wholeheartedly and love unconditionally – and I feel the same from you.

I am grateful that you are living your own lives with intention and I am grateful for the loving care you show your dad and I when you are here. And the practical help – cooking, cleaning, gardening… I know that we are not the center of your life. And I’m even grateful for that – we are healthy enough to still live independently and care for ourselves.

I’m so glad when my children enjoy visiting with each other. Almost all of you got to spend some time together. Don’t you love it when your kids have time and desire to see each other and are there for each other?

It’s hard to maintain tears when my gratitude is so much greater than my sadness. I anticipate seeing you soon and look forward with great joy to our next visit. In the meantime I have precious memories. 😍😍😍


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