Spirit Day

against-bullyingBullying has been an issue since time began. Speaking out against it is fairly new. In 2010 the GLAAD organization named a day to stand for school- age LGBT* children and youth.

I fully support their concept. And I stand against bullying of anyone anytime. Hitting, teasing, demeaning, calling out, making fun…the list of tactics is long and broad and well-known.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have all indulged at some time. There are some subtle ways to bully. Some of them are even called friendship, or parenting, or preaching.

Do I manipulate to gain approval for my opinions?

Do I use power and position to make rules for others?

Do I threaten consequences to those who don’t agree, consent, or obey?

Do I withhold love and affection to get my way.

Not a comprehensive list. Only quick thoughts that set my resolve to watch myself and my language today. If my intention is to be open, kind, generous, and present – I might notice if I go off the rails.


reprinted from 2016

One comment

  1. I honestly asked myself if I indulged in any of the subtle ways of bullying and came up with the very satisfying answers that no, I don’t bully. Apart from anything else, I don’t get enough opportunity to I suppose.

    An interesting side story. Two years ago, on a visit to my cousin in Chennai, he had arranged for another cousin with whom I had lost touch since school days to come over to spend some time with me. It was the first time ever that I was meeting the latter’s wife too. On being introduced, the wife took off on how glad that she was to meet me as for forty odd years she had been hearing about how I had saved her husband from being bullied. I was quite taken aback and on asking for details, he recounted how while in school one day, I had stopped to find out what was going on among a group of junior school boys among whom my cousin too was seen. The others scooted leaving him behind and after all these years, he related this story to me and said that those boys were bullying him for having scored higher marks than he had in a recent test. I still do not remember anything like that happening but obviously, it was such an important occasion that he had been talking about it to his wife all these years! Yes being bullied can have serious repercussions.

    On a different note, keep a look out for the picture The Accountant. How a military officer teaches his sons to handle bullying forms part of the character development of two of the characters in the film.


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