St. Valentine’s Day

ValentineWe have St. Valentine to thank for a lot. On the commercial side, this day has created all sorts of reasons to fall short, to spend money, to be disappointed, etc.

On the bright side, it is a beautiful excuse to convey love to the people in our lives. How shall I choose a Valentine? I still remember the mandate in elementary school, “Bring one for everyone”.  And still, there was always a special someone.

You know who you are – the love of my life, the man who carries my history in his memories and the one I am happy to see every morning – not just Valentine’s Day. You are the great provider, protector, doer of errands, maintenance man, family peacemaker and ofttimes romantic reminder of special days, including birthdays and anniversaries.

You represent the strength in our relationship. You are the rock, standing steadily above the high water. Physically and emotionally you know how to hold on, shore up and keep on keepin’ on.

You are the sentimental one, too. I love that tears come easily to you in sad or touching movies. And that joy and love bring tears, too.

You have been my Valentine for (shall I claim it?) 61 years. Not every Valentine’s Day has been special but you have been my special Valentine for each and every one of them.

Thank you St. Valentine. And thank you, my personal Valentine. You know who you are!


Reprinted from 2016





  1. Like Christmas, St Valentine’s Day has also become an event to celebrate for many young urban Indians who, for lack of a better description, I would call Westernised but alas not modern, There is opposition to them and the festival, from right wing extreme Hindus who would rather that the whole thing be banned for being alien and not something that is in harmony with our culture. My late wife’s birthday was February 15 and we celebrated that with quite a lot of enthusiasm every year. I personally just enjoy watching the parade now a days.


    • Our celebrations of Valentine’s Day have varied greatly through the years. I suppose when I was younger and less secure in feeling loved, I wanted more than what I sometimes received. Now my husband and I enjoy each other without pressure and use it as an excuse to eat very special food in restaurants that are normally out of our range. It works for both of us.


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