More Preparation

Dear kids,

I have to write another preamble.

I have lived my life in such oblivion. I acknowledge that I have been a lifelong learner and have studied many disciplines and followed many paths. I am a deep thinker (or at least a constant one) but not necessarily a thorough investigator. I am a big picture kind of gal, but right now the big picture seems overwhelming.

When I see is happening in our country I have to bring the focus back to myself and what I might be able to do. I told you that I was going to write about my white privilege but all of the literature warns me about speaking out too soon. The issue needs thought. Years of systemic racism cannot be obliterated without contemplation. It is a slow and mindful process.

But I am anxious to share with you bits and pieces as I see them. You are way ahead of me. Each of you have spent much time, effort, and self-examination on these issues in order to do your best in your chosen field. You have more practical experience than I.

But, recognizing my lack of awareness in your growing years. I am catching up – better late than never. So please allow me to  preach to the choir one more time.


One comment

  1. You can try indeed. I however have serious doubts that anything will come out of your preaching to the choir as you so nicely put it as the choir is not where the problem exists. And where it exists, no amount of preaching will be of any help whatsoever as has been proved over thousands of years. Racism, Classism, Casteism and all kind of other isms simply will not leave mankind ever.


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