Christmas Gratitude

I open my arms and heart to the world

I have great gratitude for my family at Christmas. In addition to the normal blessings of health and love and affection I am so grateful for each and everyone of my grandchildren‘s generosity. A long time ago I began the tradition of offering each grandchild a choice in the decision of what charity will be gifted in their name for Christmas.

The youngest was about five when he had to decide where his money was going and realized that it would not be spent on him. You can read about that here. The kids may have yearned for a gift but they always gave willingly. And Christmas was always bountiful.

This will be the first year that I have not gotten them some token gift for themselves. It was never more than a $10 gift card for music or something similar – but it was something. But this year they are all adults. They are old enough to realize others’ need, count their blessings and value the gifts I give them throughout the year when I think they need something or would cherish a little luxury. And they always have the gift of my love and affection.

I am so grateful that they are all so willing to share. Some have developed passions and they are always thoughtful in their giving. Many give to international refugees. Or to organizations in their wheelhouse (no pun intended – one supports repairing and gifting bikes.).

My oldest granddaughter has been closely touched by suicide and is dedicated to preventing it when possible. Another supports groups that support her students in their lives.

One grandson was so dismayed by the present political climate in our own country that for two years he has given to an organization that protects immigrants rights. He found it and researched it himself. It has since become one of my favorite charities.

Not all of them are timely but all are consistent. Some years their lives are so busy that they neglect to give me the name of the charity at the holidays. Sooner or later a text will wander in “please Grammy, I would like to give to…”

My family supports me in my ungrandmotherly (???) behavior. I can give in accordance with my personal mission and where I see the greatest need without feeling as if I am causing unhappiness to anyone. I am blessed.

Happy Holiday – one and all.



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