Music – Joy and Memories

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the Soul. -Plato

Music has been important in my life. My family has chosen it as one of the connections between us during isolation by which we each report a song (by video if possible.) to each other according to the calendar* below. It has been fun and interesting to see what memories are sparked in the different ages, locations, and generations of our family.

Maria Callas as Violetta

This aria from the first act of La Traviata, my favorite opera, evokes immediate sadness and me. The haunting strands of the melody are enough.

It evokes memories, too. I was with my friend Mary in Madrid when I saw this opera for the first time. I fell in love.

Later we traveled to Florence, Italy to attend Maggio Musicale. It was magical. Music was available in every little church, every theater and even as we wandered in the streets. International stars of the music world were there.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to La Traviata.

I saw it again in Firenze when I visited another year. Since then I have seen and listened to La Traviata over and over. At the Metropolitan in New York twice and in their transmissions in HD at a nearby cinema. One could say I have of ODed on it. (I have a CD of the complete opera which I have heard many times.

I guess this proves one thing – with music and family even quarantine is fun!



A month of musical memories


  1. How many memories this brings back! Carmen at the Paris Opera house where after the fight scene the stage was littered with WIGS! Such a good laugh. I studied the chorus for that opera in Orange co., Ca. I sang along with my best friend in high school as she sang and played the arias she was studying. I play Classical music on JPR all day. The background for my life. Thanks for the share. Jan


    • Wow! Another thing we have in common, Jan. Lots more enjoyment coming up when we can be together. My friend and I went to the Paris Opera. I was unfamiliar with the offering and will need some time to recollect the name. But a good memory.


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