Graduation 2020 – Leap!


You’ve always had courage.

Congratulations, my dear Grandson.

I think often about our conversation in January when you expressed your feelings about your coming graduation. Comme ci, comme ça. You were glad to have everyone gathering in celebration, but the event itself dd not seem important to you.

Interesting how life turns us around, things that seem not to have meaning gain great significance when we lose them or can’t have them. They suddenly loom large in our lives.

We all, as a family, miss the pomp and circumstance of seeing you walk down the aisle. It is a familiar ritual that is a culmination of your years of studying and hard work. A job waiting for you was also a gift that you earned. A rosy future seemed a reasonable expectation.


The current pandemic is changing life now and will create greater change in the future. Who knows to what expect? Although you were able to do some celebrating with friends, the extended family has not been able to gather In you’re honor. No cousins. No aunts and uncles. No doting grandparents!

But the commencement of your adult life is not a non-event.

The world in general and the United States in particular is offering you an opportunity to think about change. You have always been an outspoken proponent of justice. I have heard your impassioned speeches for those you saw as misjudged or mistreated. Now you have time to look seriously at what represents justice for much of the population in our country. What is your role in change for in your cohort? In your town? And your state? In your upcoming workplace?

Your entry into the corporate world may have been delayed but that gives you a great opportunity to use what you know to examine the importance of that job. How can you best contribute? What does it hold as a stepping stone for your future? You have intelligence and education – you are capable of anything! You can begin your business life by seeing the wide avenues before you instead of feeling as if you have chosen a path and must follow it forever.

I believe in who you are. You’re not what you do – but what you do reflects who you are. I am so fortunate to have you as a grandson and a view of your journey through life. The choices you make will be fascinating to watch. And I know that they will reflect the fine man that you have become.

I dream of you carrying the passion of your childhood into the action that is necessary in the world. Of seeing you begin to make the change in the world that you have always envisioned. You have that skill set.

And you are continually learning. Each time I see you I am impressed by what you have observed and assimilated. From deep philosophical learning, to technical knowledge, to observation of those around you – you gather information to enhance your way of walking in the world.

I love and admire you. I believe in who you are and am confident that your appreciation of beauty – in music, in nature, in your surroundings – will keep your spirits light. Your joy and humor will carry you through any rough spots.

So embrace the changes, my dear. Find love. Find fulfillment. It’s out there waiting for you. You’ve always been courageous. Jump into the abyss!


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