Father’s Day is Here Again

To the Family Fathers…

I come from a tradition of involved fathers.

It was my dad who sat huddled in a chair by my bed when my sore throats or earaches kept me awake at night. (Read more here.)

It was my husband who went to the baby who cried in the night. As each child came home from the hospital he would wake with me, change the baby before laying him or her in my arms. If we needed a bottle, he prepared it and brought it to me. If I was nursing, he climbed back into bed and went quickly back to sleep until the next feeding. (Read more here.)

All of you, my children, continue the tradition of being present in your children’s lives.

You – my sons, my daughter, and my son-in-law – are all that I could ask for as father figures for my grandchildren. You have taken every experience of your own lives to add sensibility and sensitivity to the formula of raising physically, mentally, emotionally healthy children.

You have the basics: respect for yourselves, for the women in your lives, and for your children as people.

You add to your bank of knowledge each and every day by listening and learning from your children, your partners, and from other parents.

Each of your lives provides a role model: you are responsible, you have a strong work ethic while keeping time for family, you negotiate good relationships with your partners, you retain your own identities by keeping friendships and personal interests..

I appreciate that you are strong and yet not afraid of your emotions.You are caring and can be tender. You are loving.

I cherish you as a part of this tradition in my family.


Reposted from June 14, 2013



  1. From all accounts my father was a very involved one till the four of us grew up somewhat. After that, his focus shifted to other attractions and our mother and the four of us were alienated from him. The three brothers and one brother in law in my generation have all been very involved fathers and I am pleased to see the next generation being so as well though my son does not have any children. He is a great uncle though!


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