Back to Nature

Between COVID-19 and the fire devastation, it’s hard not to let depression creep in. Life is not hard for me, especially, but there is so much mayhem around that it wears upon one after day. So I decided that one way to break the spell was to change up my walking pattern.

I take variations on the theme of walking in my neighborhood. I may veer over and go to the mobile home park. Or I might walk over to the next street. But it’s hard to go out of that pattern without having to walk by the destruction and devastation in my town. I don’t need to be reminded every minute in order to keep compassion. And I miss nature. I have foliage and trees and yards around me. But, I am a country girl at heart so a few weeks ago I struck out for the country.

I chose a quiet lane (I thought) and I walked past cows and orchards and tall evergreens. It was everything I imagined as nature. There were some houses at each end of the lane but they were surrounded by trees and fit in to the countryside. The only drawback was that there was more traffic than in town. I counted that in my 1 mile walk up in back there were 25 vehicles that passed me. All but one were SUVs, pick-ups, or trucks.
I was constantly alert because I needed to move fast enough to  move off the road and slow enough not to tip over due to my limited mobility. But it was the country.

Then I had a bit of surgery on my nose for skin cancer. A skin graft, in fact. I’m supposed to stay inactive. No exercise. No country.

So for my (almost) country this week I escaped to my own yard. It is a haven for a country girl in town. The beauties of nature and the comforts of home.



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