Spirit Day 2020 -Tolerance and Compassion

“…tolerance is something that is intolerant of intolerance. You can’t be tolerant towards everything, otherwise that means it is fine for people to be bigoted.”
Presh Talwalkar, 40 Paradoxes in Logic, Probability, and Game Theory

Spirit day is a day of tolerance. It’s a day to learn about and encompass what may be strange or foreign to us. It is a day to have compassion even though we may not have understanding. I believe in Spirit Day and weep to be in a country with leadership that has turned back the clock on tolerance and understanding.

Click here for Trump’s persistent attacks against the LGBTQ community after the RNC claims he’s taken “unprecedented steps” in support of the community.

I am finding that I don’t have enough compassion and tolerance to go around. My friend chided me for this and insists that I do. But I find I don’t. I have compassion and tolerance for the misinformed. I even have compassion for the ignorant. The fearful. But not for the greedy.

And it is greed that is keeping a bully in office who is dividing our country along lines of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. It is people who do not look beyond their accumulated wealth and the protection of their legacy. It is people who already have embarrassing amounts of wealth and power who are keeping an administration in place that cares about the preservation of that wealth and power.

I know this has become a rant. But anyone who has LGBTQ persons in their circle must be concerned. Because it is a community whose rights are being chipped away. Under the smokescreen kept in place by political furor – human rights are negated every day. Immigrants who are the foundation of our country are being caged. Black lives don’t matter as evidenced by too-frequent behavior of the police force. Native Americans are not receiving equal care re Covid-19 or in the recent fires in the western states. The poorer the people, the poorer the education. Women’s rights to their own body are in peril with the anticipated addition to the Supreme Court.

I don’t believe we should tolerate this. And my compassion on Spirit Day is stretched to the limit.


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