Gratitude and Acknowledgement

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My posts regarding Thanksgiving are somewhat repetitive. Maybe there’s nothing new to say. But, that’s OK because I don’t want to talk about Thanksgiving as a national holiday or the origins that have been attributed to this day for centuries. It is another holiday that celebrates a travesty.

This white woman (who has been known to study mindfulness and awareness) has been slow to acknowledge actual history. But it’s never too late, is it? I must acknowledge in my fertile Valley we are all living land taken from indigenous tribes. The injustice that has been and continues in the United States is borne out in  Covid-19 statistics. I have also included a website regarding the Navajo and Hopi families Bears have it through and those the differences and reservation population with it as far as resources. Education. Availability of food, health aids, and medical resources.

If you want conventional Thanksgiving posts, you’ll have to read it from the past.

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2016 Gratitude – The Practice

2017 And A Happy New Year

2019 Serving Gratitude

From now on I will refer to a Day of Gratitude but hope never again to link my celebration to Native American suffering.



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