Tragedy Lives On

My heart is still breaking. Perhaps not breaking, but crumbling.

Since our friends’ failed death pact two months ago, not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and wish I could tell her something. I have a question I want to ask him. Then I realize again that she is gone and he isn’t available.

Their tragic love story isn’t finished. He was put in jail directly from the hospital since he confessed several times to having shot his wife. And I understand that by law it is second-degree murder. But I think of it as love and mercy. The fact that this dear 88-year-old man is in jail , waiting to be sentenced to prison was intolerable but immutable – until his body took care of it for him. He had a stroke and was moved to a secure foster home.I heard from one of his sons that his father probably doesn’t have long. The stroke was catastrophic.

I recognize the tragedy – but I rejoice for him. I am sorry for his sons and his grandchildren. Dealing with the loss of both parents in such a sudden and wrenching way has not and will not be easy. But, I will not be sorry when he dies. I will miss him. I miss his wife daily. I will grieve for his children and grandchildren.

But I send him on with my best wishes. My husband and I, our family, and our friends will be here for comfort and help as needed.



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