Quarantine – Day 2

“We cannot abdicate our conscience to an organization, nor to a government. ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ Most certainly I am! I cannot escape my responsibility by saying the State will do all that is necessary. It is a tragedy that nowadays so many think and feel otherwise.”Albert Schweitzer

I am working on my compassion and tolerance. It seems obvious to me that just because we have been freed to go outside doesn’t mean we go anywhere or do anything that might infect others.

Our apartment entrance looks out over at the parking lot and I see  a woman getting in her car, leaving, and returning with multiple bags. I hope she had curbside delivery.

Guess I’ll take another walk…



  1. My fear is that I can get infected by some careless antivaxer passing it on to me albeit unknowingly. That is why I am extremely vary of going out and when I have to, I observe all the safety precautions that I have been asked to follow.


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