Quarantine – Day 5

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”Marcus Aurelius

We received an email today that was confusing to say the least. I called front office for clarification and it looks as if we are still under quarantine. We are to eat in our rooms – our meals delivered. The facility will have offer no activities and no rides  in the van or minivan. However…

  • We are free to move around the building with masks.
  • We are free to visit with residents wearing masks.
  • We are free to have outside visitors if they wear a mask.and are screened at the office for temperature. (There is no attempt to police or control access to outside entrances your office.)
  • We are free to come and go as we please: Doctors appointments, shopping, etc.

But, and I quote:

“Resident safety is our top priority, including staying in very close communication with the local health authority and state licensing officials.  Please know that we have been and are continuing to strictly adhere to all infection control protocols and mandated guidelines.”

??? Quarantine





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