Intellectual and Spiritual Connection

I need more connection. I have always been a seeker – looking for meaning and importance and every moment of my life. But now I am a bit needy. Maybe it’s moving to a new community in the time of Covid isolation. Since I haven’t had the day-to-day connection with my friends and I have few real connections here, just acquaintances – I am starved.
Maybe it’s just me. So I must look to myself.

I will turn to the leaders of thought, feeling, and intuition that I have briefly encountered through the years. Books are my answer. And maybe podcasts.

. . .

On my walk I listened to a podcast with Matthew Fox. I admire his vision and ecumenical outlook on spirituality. Case in point: he introduced the world to cosmic masses. I have other books of his but now I have purchased The Physics of Angels that he wrote with a scientist, Rupert Sheldrake.

I believe in angels but know nothing but what I have experienced. I also believe in spirits, in ancestral knowledge and epigenetic knowing.

I am also returning to Pema Chodron, the Buddhist monk. I own many of her writings and love her down- to-earth approach to meditation and mindfulness. I think I’ll start with Getting Unstuck.

Anyone want to read along. I love an animated discussion about books that have meaning. I’ve never belonged to a book club but I love discussion and discourse. I can even deal with disagreement and confrontation.

So here I go!

The Student

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