I can see, I can see!?!

Cataracts are interesting. Because I have multiple vision issues the doctors have watched the progression fairly regularly. Many years ago, I had onlya few signs of cataracts and I was somewhat complacent and a little bit arrogant about the issue. Weren’t cataracts for rheumy-eyed old people?

For the last several years my doctor has reported their presence. He has also cautioned me that removing them could kick up some of my latent issues and he was hesitant to refer me to a surgeon.

How do you know you have cataracts? No kidding – I always thought they were spots that dim the shine in the eyes of the elderly. I didn’t understand what they did to my own vision. It wasn’t noticeable to me. I needed a better light or a bit brighter screen in order to read or write. I had more trouble looking at things like street signs from a distance without my glasses. But I really didn’t have those night driving issues with lights glistening.

Then two months ago my ophthalmologist told me that he really felt that it was worth the risk in my right eye to have the cataracts removed. Their severity had climbed the scale without my paying attention.

So with much trepidation after all the warnings, I had surgery last Tuesday. It was strange. Under bright lights. Slight sedation but wide awake. Eye propped open. People talking. Alien lights approaching constantly. Nothing real. And then it was over.

I heard all sorts of tales before the surgery. Like childbirth, most women in a group have been through it and everyone has something to add. I did ask them not to tell me any horror stories, they could keep those to themselves.

My sister had instant sight. My father had instant sight. My husband took a couple of days to clear up. One friend had called me during her recovery and given me a daily report on how blurry her eyesight was. Yesterday another friend told me not to be discouraged, it would get better but might take a long time.

So it’s not clear to me in more ways than one. But I trust that it made a difference because my distance glasses seem a little wonky. That means something, doesn’t it? I see the surgeon again on Wednesday so we’ll see. (Not a play on words.)


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