Erosion of Freedom

Tears for the nation











As a woman, what are your thoughts?

Are you like I am – privileged? Educated? Emancipated? Don’t feel smug. Don’t feel secure.

Or are you in a position that demands some modicum of submission.Do you have to look to a man for your well-being? Do you have to depend on your son, or your husband, or your brother, or your father for food, shelter, clothing? Is your livelihood dependent on a male boss? Are you in physical danger?

I shudder for all of us.*

I may be past the age of reproduction. I may have already lived the time in life when I had seek out a male for my sustenance. But none of us is safe.

So I still weep. I am still frightened. I still feel dread. Because my freedoms (the few that I thought could be guaranteed) can systematically be taken away from me.

It has begun!


*I shudder for our democracy.




  1. I know how you feel, but for different intrusions into the life of people like me. The thing is, Alito did say one thing that’s the overwhelming truth (if we have to search for it); that being there’s more women in this country than men, and there’s actually more women who vote than men, but it’s close. The main problem of course is convincing people to think for themselves rather than listen to those who many of us knows is lying, but they sometimes sound more convincing. I’m mad along with you.


    • As a white woman I realize my privilege but as a woman I realize my vulnerability. I’m also not blind to the vulnerability of all my friends of different ethnicity, color, social strata, etc. Our country is so twisted by greed and corruption that I don’t have much faith that democracy will prevail. ( although there has never been real justice for all. I’ve been expecting revolution since my late 20s.)

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