The Letting Go

“To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal,  to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, let it go.” -Mary Oliver Aahh…it’s that letting go, isn’t it? I watch my sister […]

A Site for Remembrance

Dad has been in the closet for a long time. He was cremated in 2006 and spent the next five years by the couch where his wife lived her days with him, her dog, and her cat. When his wife moved north with her daughter several years ago, he became my responsibility. My father’s only […]

Giving Thanks Today

Thank you, dear friends, family and the Great Spirit.* Our last week has been a roller coaster. I have thought of much to write, written some, posted nothing. The first thing I will do is let you all know that we are grateful that our daughter is alive. Nine days ago she stepped off of […]

End of a Tradition

Thirteen years ago we took the first step in a family aspiration that has now been fulfilled. During the Holiday season we have taken each grandchild on a trip as they reached the appointed age . We wrapped ourselves in warm clothes and high expectations and flew across the country to the legendary U. S. […]

Let’s Serve Gratitude

What is Thanksgiving but a day of gratitude? When I begin to make a list of good things my mind flies to all corners of my life. Too much to list. And so, just for today… I’m grateful for the privilege of choices, everything from how and where to live my life to choosing the […]

Family Ties

Having just returned from a week visiting family, my priorities are reinforced: the past, the present and the future of family is what matters. It was a pleasure-packed trip. Not only did I get to see where my granddaughter lives during this year of college, I spent  hours with some of my siblings. Sisters and […]

Family Reunions

There is something wonderful about a family reunion. Surveying a crowd and recognizing my own gene pool both chastens and rejuvenates me.  It can be a bit off-putting and still carry a familiarity that is comforting. My next-oldest sister loved reunions. From the time we were young parents she tried to get the sisters together […]

Seeing You is Joy

Last week at the ranch I was close to my father in spirit. I came ever nearer to understanding why he used to sit quietly and contentedly amid the hubbub of my family ; asking nothing, watching everything and missing the fine points due to his impaired hearing. I know now that he was truly […]

Learning, Learning, Learning

I have set myself up for some new lessons.* I realized how much I have to learn when I visited my Dad’s wife last week. She is losing ground to dementia. Memories are no longer shared and cannot be jogged to the forefront of her mind. It is becoming harder for her to assimilate words […]


So many vignettes pass through my mind of holidays past. I remember walking in the door my first time visiting my future husband’s HUGE family.  In my graceless moment of shyness and confusion, I couldn’t distinguish the ones I had met before from those I had never seen.  I stammered, stayed silent, and clung tenaciously […]