What do you REALLY think, Mother?

NOTE: For those of you looking for Mother’s Day Letters, just check under form letters or press the tag for “Mother’s Day”. I’ve never quite grasped the true meaning of Mother’s Day.  Although it’s an interesting concept. Is it like Labor Day…but a day off for Mothers? Is it a training ground for young children, […]

Wishes for the New Year

Did we jump off the Fiscal Cliff as the old year ended? Did we throw our country into more turmoil? I don’t know. Although this is absolutely vital to many people, I’m weary of the political posturings. Beneath the partisanship and self-interest there must be some real concern for our citizens and denizens. It just […]

Gifts and Memories

When did Christmas lose it’s exciting allure? When I stopped needing anything and began wanting less and less? Many years ago I stopped buying many Christmas presents because it had become such a chore. It isn’t that I don’t love my children and grandchildren.  And I love to buy them gifts if I know what […]

Dear Mr. President

Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both.~Abraham Flexner I’m happy that you are back for a second term. Although I was distressed (and maybe a bit disgusted) by the “politics-as-usual” campaign, I’m hoping that, since you needn’t worry about re-election, […]

It’s Greek to Me

NOTE:  I’m in a foreign country and language is on my mind.    Family language  isn’t easily learned. My father told me once that when his second wife’s daughter came to visit, the conversation flew in directions he couldn’t comprehend.  He didn’t understand the feelings expressed or the words his wife and stepdaughter used to […]

Play Golf, Dear Child

Disclaimer: this is the writing of a non-athletic personal coward. I don’t like pain.  I avoid physical confrontation (although I thrive on verbal confrontation).  I dread the thought of scratches and bruises. And I’m not anxious to prove my strength.  (I have recent personal knowledge that even arm-wrestling can be dangerous.) But I show up […]

The Perfect Parent(s)

I was reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, Love Isn’t Enough (click here), and got myself fired up over that slippery slope that single parents constantly negotiate: the printed word that tells them that they are not enough.  And that in order to have the perfect parenting situation, there must be a […]

Just Funnin’

Damn!  I want to be fun. Most of the blogs that I read are meaningful and the ones I love the most are amusing.  The bloggers concisely make their points with humor, packing a heavy punch with a light hand. Damn!  I want to be like that. Yet it seems that no matter what I […]

Aging and Aching Feet

I don’t bemoan my age much.  I love my life and pretty much like myself, too. However, my feet have let me down. Or maybe I let them down. Because they are out of condition. My shoe envy was at the fore in my spare moments at the O You! conference.  Because the literature had […]

Education* for a Better Me

I just got a year’s education in 5 days.  My choices may have been skewed and selective, but courtesy of the local independent film festival I immersed myself in documentaries of all shapes, sizes and subjects.  And every film made me think. I must confess…I am not a newshound.  On a day-to-day basis, I intend […]