Traveling with Grief

I’m duplicating this from my Mexican blog. I posted this three years ago today. I have learned through the years that bad news has a greater dimension when I receive it in a foreign country. I am a long way from home. There are people who “love” me – but do they really? Or are […]

5 Things I Want the Pink Ribbon to Stand For

Originally posted on A Leaf in Springtime:
Breast cancer awareness is a cause I care about deeply. But after all these years, I still don’t get the pink ribbon. I don’t get how wearing a pink ribbon helps anyone personally. I don’t get how going pink for a month makes an actual impact on the…

Don’t call me a good mother

Originally posted on A Leaf in Springtime:
Don’t call me a good mother. For being good somehow means doing all the “right things”. And to be honest, I’m not necessarily all that concerned about doing the “right things”. I’m more concerned about doing the brave thing. The thing that is needed to be done even…

My Church

Just before daybreak this morning, I went down the rabbit hole and discovered the perfect post for Easter Sunday. This lovely poem was written by Frédéric G. Martin and can be found on his  blog Poems & Poemes.Thank you, Frédéric, for permission to reblog your work. MY CHURCH My church has no wall My church […]

Some Thoughts on Food…Guest Post

This is a post by one of my thoughtful blogger friends.  As my kids and grandkids know, this is a subject dear to my heart and I couldn’t have said it better myself.   Thanks, Grateful Dancer, for permission to re-post.  Look her up at My Oprah Lessons Nov30 by dointhegratefuldance   Rate This Letters to […]