My Life Class

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on changes in my life. One of my intentions  to live the most integrated and simple life possible. That’s a short way of saying, “No more unnecessary multiple blogs (that aren’t a lot different).”

Thus, I am combining my blog, My Life Class, with Letters to My Children. I will be writing as “The Student”. This means moving many entries over here. I will keep it as easy as possible by bringing them over per the dates they were written. May be kind of confusing to those of you who subscribe. “Sorry,” in advance…

You can see below my description of that blog many years ago with a few additions and deletions:

“As long as I live, so long do I learn.”

I am a lifelong learner. Even were I not seeking, I would be gaining experience and (hopefully) wisdom from life lessons.

There are also many teachers in my life.  I am like a sponge, soaking up those teachings for which I am ready at the moment. One of my favorites right now is the variety of teachers on The Self-Acceptance Project broadcast by Sounds True.

I‘m working I worked on being receptive.

The Al-Anon twelve step program will also keep me honest.  If I can force myself to dig below the surface of these steps, they may lead me.

Yet I cannot omit all of the teachings of Buddha (I especially love them as relayed through Pema Chodron) nor my upbringing with the Bible.  And I’m just delving into the Tao te Ching. My grandson introduced me to Epictetus.

I love to consider, analyze, and chew on new and old ideas.

P. S.  Can’t forget Loving What Is, by Byron Katie

The Student