Thinking of Amy

The death of Amy Winehouse touched me.  The recent autopsy details don’t make it easier. It isn’t just sensational news. It’s a sorrow that blurs the edges of every day in a  family touched by addiction.  Each newsworthy person…from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan to the well-known physician in your home town is someone’s aunt, […]

Rehab for One and All

I haven’t read the books yet, but I sense my discomfort with letting go. My certainties that I can help, that I know at least some of the answers, and that everyone and everything depends on me, are each a hindrance in our new situation.  We are breaking ground in new territory and it’s going […]

And then there was me…

Am I not the pious one?  When I read my last blog I realize once again how easy it is to acknowledge the problems of others.  My fingers speed over the keyboard expressing my unease with alcohol as used by others.  I’m a master of how it should be for all of those “drinkers” out […]

Alcohol: Love It, Hate It.

Alcohol is plays a major role in my thoughts of entertaining. My vision of the perfect dinner party is at an outdoor setting:  the view is of vineyards rolling over the hills; the table nestles beneath an arbor, which catches cool breezes and the scent of flowers.  The company is convivial.  Wine glasses are raised […]

The Last Shot

Risking your wrath I am begging a favor. Please “untag” the last photo on Facebook. It erases the real you and leaves a blurred version. For you, this photo may hold memories of wonderful times with friends. For me it only causes worry and sadness. I can visualize you: bright eyes, tender mouth and clearly […]