50 Years and Counting

REPOSTED FROM 2009 This morning I am sitting on the deck of a sailing ship looking across a turquoise sea to a Caribbean Island. The scene has changed from 1959. Then it was an emotional and spiritual crisis for a Catholic to marry a Protestant. Then it wasn’t common, but neither was it unheard of, […]

I’m Still Here!

Magical Thinking  denotes the belief that one’s thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it. – Wikipedia A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was running down the hall. I called out to my daughter because I had left my cane behind. “Look,” I […]

San Francisco Redux

Fifty-five years ago on Thanksgiving Day, my (now) husband and I announced our engagement.  Fifty-five years ago today we were married. We couldn’t have predicted the future that is now our past. We weren’t old enough, mature enough, or imaginative enough to have understood the profound joy ahead. Nor could we have predicted the setbacks […]

Anniversaries are Not for Sissies!

Is there anything more loaded with expectations than a wedding anniversary? I don’t think so. Marriage is the melding together of hopes, dreams, values, aspirations, traditions and separate years of history forming a new entity. And sometimes the seams are not elastic enough to easily hold this squirming mass in true harmony. This is accentuated […]

…to My Husband When I Die

To My Dear Husband, I think you know how important you are to me. Yet I’m happy to to say it in words one last time. When you read this, I will have passed from this physical plane. And my love will live on in you. My heart attack gave me a second chance. It […]

Happy Anniversary

Last night as we lay in bed, we reminded each other that today is our wedding anniversary. I was complimenting you on hanging in there for fifty-three years. I added the tagline, “So far!” “You always say that,” you protested. And you’re right. It’s my timeworn joke: we never make the claim that we will […]


A year ago today a cherished young man was swept away from us. We remember this boy from the time he was a toddler.  We cling to the bright and shiny keepsakes of smiles, songs and mischievous looks.  We think of him as he ducked his head and grinned.  If we listen carefully we can […]

Years…and Years…

Dear Husband, I don’t write to you often.  Do you feel as if our children and grandchildren take priority?  I hope not.  It’s just that you have heard everything I have to say. LOL How could we ever have imagined the long path we have followed?  Even were it possible for young people to project […]