I Need Sunshine!

After a few days of lovely weather we are back to rain.  I understand that we need moisture.  I get that we didn’t have a hard winter.  Okay!  Okay! Luckily for me, my friend, Kath, at My Funny Little Life offered me a ray of sunshine a couple of weeks ago.  I’m claiming it now.  […]

Mother Dearest

Kath, at My Funny Little Life, has awarded me The Liebster Blog.  It is such a sweet thought to be a little blog that is on a list of “favorites” to someone. (Kath told us that in German “Liebster” means dearest, or favorite.)  I hope you visit her because she is one of my favorites, […]

The Winner’s Circle

I’m in shock.  I’ve seen these awards on many of the blogs I read, I just didn’t think I’d get one.  My acceptance speech is not ready. So I’ll just say thank you to Let’s CUT the Crap! at   That’s How the Cookie Crumbles for my Versatile Blogger award.I’m guessing we have a mutual admiration society […]