I Like Beginnings

NOTE: This is my letter on New Year’s Day, 2012. Time to start adding to it, don’t you think? Dear Family. I’m not feeling sentimental.  I have no wise words for you on this momentous occasion of a new year in our lives.  I’m only grateful. So I’m starting a list for the year.  This […]

Let’s Serve Gratitude

What is Thanksgiving but a day of gratitude? When I begin to make a list of good things my mind flies to all corners of my life. Too much to list. And so, just for today… I’m grateful for the privilege of choices, everything from how and where to live my life to choosing the […]

Blessings in Death…and Life

Sometimes blessings are carried on the wings of death. I began thinking of this when I learned of the passing of a man who lived across the world and across cultural boundaries.  It was the father of a friend made through blogging. I learned a lot about this man and his father because he was […]

Triple Blessing

I like to think of myself as flexible and spontaneous.  In reality, my days, although not structured, seem to be confined to what I “should” be doing.  I have proven to myself that I can move out of that box. A couple of weeks ago I did something that was totally spontaneous.  And totally delightful…like […]

Happy Holidays

I am peaceful and filled with gratitude. Within the last month I have seen all of my children and grandchildren (one granddaughter via Skype). For another year we have been blessed with life and health, warmth and shelter, good food, easy communication, eventual understanding and the ability to travel to each other when necessary. What […]