Sex Talk from Grammy – again….

Today is Blog Action Day. And I can raise my voice on any subject I choose! Dear Grandsons and Granddaughters: Real men don’t denigrate women or other men. They don’t see them only as objects of their own needs and desires. They don’t feel entitled to impose their will on others. Grown women don’t willingly […]


I believe in action. In my later years, though, my actions have become a little more thoughtful. It may be that I choose my battles more carefully, but I think it is because I now understand that the nuances of change are sometimes imperceptible. I recognize that some of my bold moves of the past […]

The Power of WE

Blog Action Day is an annual even when bloggers all over the world are asked to blog on a particular subject; this year it’s The Power of We. Sounds fun to participate!  So here goes… We is an inclusive pronoun. Until it becomes exclusive. In my random thoughts, it is sometimes difficult to separate the […]